Yes, your reptilian brain is still alive & well.

Don’t hate it.

It served a purpose for humans to survive, develop & grow.

However, it sometimes can be a dragon that needs to be slain …

If only temporarily, for the non-emergency.

You’ve probably heard or read this already but it’s time to get practical & powerful NOW with some High Performance coaching tips.

Yes, our “fight or flight” limbic system brain (ie, the reptilian brain) is still important to us in our modern world.

But not in the ways or amounts we allow it to breathe fire into our lives, fueling the bad stress.

The bigger and more developed part of our brain, the neo-cortex, is the more rational part of our brain.

It’s the part we tap into when we’re truly thinking (not reacting).

So, here’s a quick tip (with specifics) you can do the next time you feel like you’re fire-breathing dragon of a reptilian brain is on a bad-stress rampage and you want to get back to the right kind of energy & action.

Start verbalizing: whether it’s talking to a trusted friend, writing in your journal, writing some things on a piece of paper, do SOMETHING that gets you to the verbal expression which will automatically pull you back into the more rational part of your brain.

If a situation or idea is creating a bunch of overwhelm or emotion, here are some ways to use paper to help you use that verbal sword for your own success and clarity:

  • What are the parts of this situation that I truly control?
  • What are the parts of this situation that I really don’t control and need to let go of?
  • What’s TRULY the worst the could happen here?
  • Do I know someone that has had to deal with a similar thing? How did THEY start to turn things around?

If you know someone that could use this verbal sword tip to slay their own quick-to-panic reptilian brain, share this with them!

And, once you’ve had the chance to use it yourself, please comment below to share how YOU used the verbal sword tip to slay yours.