We all want to show more courage, right?

And we see LOTS of examples in movies.

We see an ongoing stream of it via social media.

Don’t let those examples trip you up.

Why do I say that?

Because it’s YOUR Courage, you need to choose.

Not someone else’s display of courage.

(PS – even YOUR definition of what is courage will change over time.)

I see people that love to do EXTREME rock climbing on the side of mountains. For me, it’s something that would certainly be scary but it doesn’t (currently) interest or excite me. It’s not on my list.

I also know people that are PETRIFIED of going to a party or event by themselves. Or walking up to a stranger at one of these events to simply say hello. I forced myself a long time ago to get very comfortable with those social “stranger” things, so it’s not really scary for me. But it might be for you.

If you want to expand the good things in your life, you’ll need to constantly expand your comfort zone. And you do that by regularly choosing COURAGE.

To push out the fence of your comfort zone.

Here are a few more displays of courage that may or may not be yours yet. You decide:

  • Go to a group exercise class even though you don’t feel you’re in very good shape yet
  • Tell someone directly yet respectfully “No” the next time they attempt to volunteer you for something
  • Go to a new MeetUp group by yourself in your town for a lifelong interest you’ve shelved for too long
  • Book the airline tickets for a vacation destination you keep talking about AND talking yourself out of going to
  • Choose to give up FOR A WEEK that favorite food/snack you know is not very healthy for you
  • Sign-up for that dance/acting/music class even though it’s not currently part of your career

Pick one thing (from my list OR yours! that both excites you and scares you for this week. And COMMIT to owning your definition of courage!

Once you’ve stepped up with your courageous act, comment below this so I can celebrate YOUR display of courage!