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You’ve attacked your fitness and nutrition plan with consistent action.

You’ve lost a large amount of weight already.

You’ve created amazing results so far.

Now, you’re worried both about overtraining and having the weight come back.

And you’re worried constantly that you’re not doing enough.

Now, what do you do?!?!

First, you need to reflect on some facts and what you’ve done already:

  • You took action and created results for yourself already
  • The large amount of weight you originally gained did not happen overnight, so you worked over time to reduce that weight. (And it will not come back overnight either.)
  • You’ve created consistent habits that jump-started your journey

Many of us struggle with continuing to “try” & do enough to be enough, outrun demons or problems from the past and forget to honor our journey so far. Or simply adjust things for the next part of our journey.

And sometimes we are reluctant to dive further into the mindset or emotional scars that are continuing to trigger fears.

Since our bodies are always adapting to and changing as a result of multiple factors, it’s important to regularly look at those pieces with an eye towards our next set of priorities.

These are things I work on privately with my Challenge Group participants but here are some highlights of the things we touch upon to help in particular with this part of the journey:

  • Group support & accountability – find it, use it, share & contribute to it. Suffering in silence never creates healthy or long-term results, so stay connected
  • Find ways to work out more efficiently, not necessarily longer duration
  • Continue to educate yourself about nutritional choices so you feel more informed, less superstitious & fearful
  • Honor the fact that you’re a complex, emotional human being, not a machine – you may have some non-logical but important mindset & mental work to do as well around body image as part of your journey
  • Remind yourself that you are ALREADY enough. Focus your energy on embracing & enjoying that each day and less about checking off “enough” activities to create worthiness

As you’re taking steps to reclaim your life, remember that fitness, health and overall success are NOT one-time events. Keep bringing yourself back to the healthy habits that honor you and create the long-term results and effects you’d like to see.