Reclaim Your Life

Have you ever been aware of landing “there”? Where you catch yourself going through your days, your life and it feels like you’re part of a script that someone else wrote for you. The dreams, passions & visions you had for yourself seem to have been ‘cut’ from every scene.

I certainly have and it can sneak up on you.

This does not mean that you ignore everyone else or clues and wisdom from others. But you need to remain the MAIN editor of your life story unless you want frustration and bitterness to build up.

It’s very easy to let the opinions and expectations of others take over more & more of our lives. Your dreams, your vision, your passions and your life – you really cannot outsource those. That’s YOUR job!

If you really take the time for an honest look at your life right now, have you given over parts of it unconsciously to others? How can you start to take that responsibility back and start writing your own script again for the story of your life?

It’s one of the importants keys as you reclaim your life – taking 100% responsibility for your life also means you are the main writer for the story of your life.

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara