Here’s some Monday Motivation and thinking to help as you Reclaim Your Life!

Spring is starting to show up in various ways, so gardening has been on my mind. I’m also making a lot of changes in my life currently which resemble how you might be starting to work in your own garden right now. Or soon.

Like a gardener preparing for harvest later, I have a list of things I must plant soon, things I’d like to plant eventually, things I’d like to trim back or remove completely and things I’m leaving as is for now but have on my watch.

I’m also looking to other people and their goal “gardens” to see how they’re approaching a similar goal since my new endeavors still have me on the early part of the learning curve. Sometimes I witness great gardening tips that I’m starting to use myself. Other times, I see things being done that don’t really seem to cultivate very well.

But that’s knowledge, too.

It reminded me of a wise question I’ve read in multiple personal development books discussing success strategies & goal-setting:

– Whose garden are you really tending?

Are you working on some new things, some new goals but find you’re spending a lot of time comparing yourself to others? Or coming up with all sorts of reasons why THEY have an easier time? Why your current activity is SO much harder than anyone else?

If you find yourself frustrated with some of your efforts, ask yourself if you’re spending lots of time tending someone else’s “garden” while ignoring or making excuses for your own.

Sure, we humans are competitive creatures and the competitive spirit can be positive fuel if used properly. It’s also true that we can learn much from others – about what works and what does not work.

But don’t put too much energy into thoughts or comments about what someone else does or does not have going on in their garden. You probably have some weeding or pruning to do in yours. Or perhaps FINALLY planting the seeds for something new & exciting you’ve been itching to watch grow.

Each of us has plenty of work to do in our lives. In our own personal garden. If you’re finding yourself frustrated with your own efforts, stop and take an honest look at where your energy is really going as you begin to Reclaim Your Life

Whose garden are you really tending?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara