Where Do I Start?!?!

Preparing for change, whether for your fitness or nutrition, can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Since nutrition is such a key component for any set of goals, I thought I’d write about that specifically today. A method that has always worked well for me and many of my clients is the idea of layering it in.

If you have all-or-nothing tendencies or tend to get frustrated when making changes or are a bit of perfectionist, this should really help you as well. If you know you need to start improving your nutrition, you’ll build better long-term success by “layering in” new habits, new ingredient swaps, etc. in smalls bits at a time. As you start to feel and notice the positive differences they make, it will be even easier to continue your next bit of layering in as you improve your nutrition.

Since breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, it’s a great one to focus on initially as you layer in changes with your nutrition. It’s also a great one that benefits from you planning ahead so your day start feels under control. This helps set the tone for the rest of the day, so why not choose to make it work for your goals?

If you’ve been either skipping breakfast OR going for sugary, processed and less-than-healthy options, here are a couple of breakfast recipe posts you can also start layering in:

Hope you enjoyed this Vegan Athlete Diet post! Oh, another thing to remember … even if you have NO current plans to become a complete vegan anytime soon, you still can choose to layer in some of these easy, vegan options for at least breakfast. This lets you “try on” some vegan nutrition so you & your body get some personal results and how it works for you.


by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara