Have you asked that before?

Perhaps even this week?

As a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I certainly get this question from clients as they progress into their journey. No one asks this the first day or usually the first week.

But if someone is consistently working out, following the nutrition guide, etc. and not seeing an expected set of results “soon”, the frustration and questioning comes up.

Where Are My Results?!

Want to hear a little secret? I ask this myself in many of my Life Areas if I’ve been working hard and don’t “see” an expected set of results. I know I’m not alone.

Our current culture of Instant, Fast, Right NOW has weakened our patience & resilience mental muscles. A lot. People get frustrated waiting 2 minutes for the microwave to complete the preparation of their meal.

Here are a few reminders I share with myself and my clients when I notice the frustrations rise with the question of “Where Are My Results?”:

  • If you did not get OUT OF shape overnight, you’ll not get back IN shape overnight
  • What did you reasonably expect to see by now?
  • Are there some other benefits or good surprises that have been created by now during your journey? Something to celebrate already?
  • If it does not challenge you (for at least a while), it cannot truly change you
  • Are you doubting that “the thing” actually works for people? Or doubting yourself at some deeper level?

They are not always fun or pleasant reminders but they are the truth.

Everyone at some level struggles with change. This is one of the main reasons why support & accountability during your goals journey is such an important piece. It’s almost always the missing piece for people to truly get to their next best level.

I hope that as you are taking steps to reclaim your life, you can take the reminders and wisdom from this post to also Unstuck Yourself. Your life and your goals deserve that!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara