When you hear the term Vegan Athlete Diet, what comes into your head?

  • An ultra-marathoner that just eats bananas, nuts and quinoa
  • Hippies in a commune drinking wheat grass juice while sitting around playing guitar and singing songs from the 60’s
  • A PETA political activist that munches on chia seeds & dried fruit while brandishing a protest sign in front of a McDonald’s

Or perhaps you have no concept whatsoever

I know that I used to scoff a bit snobbishly at vegetarians when the subject came up in conversation my early 20’s. I was uninformed and uneducated about what it meant to be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan (which I officially became as 2012 started).

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been curious if there at least some pieces from a Vegan Athlete Diet you could start to incorporate into your life even if you have no current plan to become a vegan yourself right now?

Or perhaps you really would like to take some next steps but feel daunted or overwhelmed with where to start?

I’d love to hear your comments to this post to see how I can best serve. I’ll be creating an ongoing set of posts to help with specific obstacles or questions people have about practical steps they can put into place for themselves. Let your voice be heard! Respectfully, of course. (Grin)