It’s time to share some more ideas to help you reclaim your life! We’re all a work in progress, so my intention is always to share things I’ve learned or have started to do so it can help make things go more quickly for someone else. Paying It Forward.

We celebrated Earth Day yesterday and I spent some time thinking about growth, weeding, planting and cultivating within my own life “garden.”

If you haven’t recently done some weeding in your own life garden, that really is Step #1. It’s hard for something new (or existing) to get light & energy in your garden if it’s currently overrun by weeds and debris. I’ve personally had to do a lot of work in this area recently. It’s not always fun, it’s not glamorous but it’s SO important. I plan to share more of the things I’ve done in the “weeding” area that have been helpful to me in the future.

But back to Earth Day and planting for growth … What would you like to see start growing in your Life Garden?

What’s really stopping you from taking that step to actually plant or start something today that can start to grow?

I was catching up with a friend today over lunch and this subject came up: letting fears of a new endeavor paralyze you into not even starting. My friend told me he could not even imagine starting some of the things I have done recently. Ha! I just laughed at him and explained there was plenty of fear but I also knew nothing new would grow unless I actually started.

The Start Stops most people …

Sure, have a strategy, have a plan, take time to readjust your course, etc. But start to start. Everything that grows has a start date.

If you’re on a journey now to reclaim your life, ask yourself “What can I plant today in my Life Garden?”

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara