If you’re working towards creating your own High Performance Life, there are a couple general things you’ll do over item:

  1. Do MORE of what serves your longer-term goals
  2. Do LESS of the things that don’t

Regular and quality sleep is very important for one’s health no matter what age you are now. So, I’m not going to suggest skimping regularly on that.

But here’s something to try for a week or two in your life to see how things start to shift for you in your life.

Wake Up Early

What do you do with this time?

You can simply spend 5 to 10 minutes quietly thinking about the day you plan to create BEFORE you actually start diving into it. Or start getting distracted by electronic notifications, calls for attention from other humans, etc. Carve out this short bit of time just for YOU as a gesture.

Why do this?

Our brains (and lives) work a lot better when they have the chance to quietly process things rather than always frantically doing things. Your days will still likely be pretty chaotic but you’re building in better shock-absorbing each day with this practice.

What else might come of this habit?

Everyone’s experience is different but here are a few things I’ve found myself with this habit:

  • I’m a bit calmer during the day with a calm, contemplative start with waking up early
  • I naturally start to put better sleep habits into place now because I’m committed to my early morning habit
  • I now regularly get great ideas for current challenges, new projects and other things that simply did not have mental room to squeeze in before
  • I created more clarity around a number of things, especially around activities (things I wanted to do MORE of & things I knew I no longer needed)

A short little confessional – I’m a Recovering Perfectionist and a Recovering Workaholic. Slowing down to just sit or think initially made me feel panicked. And to use part of my morning to just think or contemplate rather than immediately hitting email & other responses?! Unthinkable!! But I’m a believer now because I’ve seen how much it helps.

And remember – you don’t necessarily have to get up HOURS earlier from what you’re doing now. It’s more about getting up a bit earlier (for you) AND using that time just for you.

I’d love to hear from you how this habit has started to help in your life once you’ve done it for a week or two! Share in the comments section below if some new benefits & insights come your way with this habit.

It’s Your Time to Reclaim Your Life

by Sean O’Meara