Vegan Athlete Diet

Muffins are a quick & convenient breakfast snack you see at coffee shops and cafes. In that form, they tend to be a bit less than the healthiest choice as part of your breakfast.

There are options – lots of them.

You can find basic bran muffin recipes in most cookbooks or online if you want to put it all together from scratch which is not that hard.

You can also find basic mixes that have the flour, baking powder, etc. but none of the oils/wet ingredients. (That’s what’s pictured above for this post.) I use vegan egg replacer, a non-dairy “milk” (soy, almond or coconut) and some vegan “margarine” along with the organic raisins and it’s ready to bake.

It’s relatively cheap, only takes a few minutes to prepare and then bake. And then you have at least part of your healthy breakfast start ready for a week. Brilliant!

I hope this vegan athlete diet inspires some of you to give this a shot – make a batch of your own healthier muffins to have for the upcoming week!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara