Today marks the start of a new, Vegan Fitness Journey for me!

I’m not always so great about sharing my personal struggles (and successes), so it’s time for me to step it up today. Sometimes it’s easy to see the edited or summary results from others and say things like the following:

  • Well, it’s easy for them because …
  • If I started with (some different situation), then I could do that. But
  • They aren’t currently dealing with …

Ever catch yourself thinking or saying that? I have, too. That’s really the common thread – we all compare ourselves to others and can fall into the excuse or comparison trap.

This past week, I started preparing both with the nutrition and fitness pieces so I can start my personal journey with this new program today! Here are the key bits I’ll be focusing on for this journey:

  • Eating enough healthy, vegan calories
  • Proper hydration each and every day

I’ll be doing the less common, Mass Gain schedule with P90X3. And using a Vegan Athlete Diet, of course. There are still plenty of myths around being a vegan in general, let alone if you’re trying to do a body building program, gain mass, etc.

Yep – my perfectionist side would rather not even MENTION that I’m starting this until I have some perfectly great results to report! This is me stepping out of my own comfort zone as well by announcing things as I start.

What are you considering to start for yourself soon? What limitations or obstacles, either true OR mental are you letting stop your start?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara