One of the great things about having my coaching business is that I’m constantly learning myself while also sharing tips & wisdom with others from my experiences! It’s a great feedback cycle.

I often get the questions: How do I best switch to a whole-foods based, vegan diet? And yet make sure I’m getting everything I need?

Here’s a summary list of what I did for myself and what I recommend clients “try on” themselves. Everyone is different, so you need to see your body responds over time as you make changes:

  • Eat as many colors of the vegan rainbow each day as possible (you’re guaranteed to get LOTS of variety that way)
  • Find a few recipe basics for some basic vegan foods (beans & legumes, grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds & nuts) & then add more recipes as you learn more about what you like & what appeals to you within the vegan pantry
  • Listen wisely to what your body is telling you while also remembering some of your previous foods are HIGHLY addictive (processed, highly salted, dairy, certain kinds of fat, etc.) Whole-foods based eating tends to have a lot more healthy volume of food but lower overall calories than what you were eating before. It takes some adjusting
  • Vegan Shakeology (either Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry)
  • A vegan-sourced B12 supplement

I’m also quick to tell people that I personally was a snotty skeptic when it came to even considering Shakeology for myself. I enjoy the vegan, raw, (ie, nothing processed over 180F), whole-foods based Chocolate as it’s my daily dose of dense, proven-on-me nutrition.

Another great reminder about all of this is that you can layer in the changes gradually if the idea of all-or-nothing is scary. And, in the case of Shakeology at least, you can try things on for yourself the 1st month with a 30-Day, Bottom Of The Bag Full Product Refund Guarantee.

It’s really great to see so many people wanting to elevate their game by going more (or completely) vegan. It’s such a privilege to watch & help people make this work practically in their lives the way I have already!

by Sean O’Meara