reflection of consciousness

The 1st time I read this in a book, I thought it was a cute phrase but it did not mean much to me.

But once I was truly on my path of self-awareness and personal development, it finally started to make sense.

And once I started really living it with for a few days, I really got the lesson & power of it.

The World as Your Mirror

If you start to think of things that way, it starts to shift your thinking. You can even make it more of a game to start if that helps you.

You can tell yourself that you’ll be receiving clues & insights out in the world every single day that are reflecting back every day. Your job  in the game is to look diligently (without judgement) to find & reflect on the specific things that show up. That’s Part 1.

You earn a point once you can identify how the daily clues point to either progress you’re making OR an area of growth. Keep a tally.

As you use the idea of The World as Your Mirror (of your Inner World), these other things typically happen:

  1. You start to take more responsibility for your life & thoughts
  2. You don’t start by blaming others or situations as much
  3. You start to use the things that show up in your life as curriculum for your life lessons
  4. You focus on your inner game more (which is where the energy must start before the desired, external results will show up)
  5. Your focus on specifically the things you can change accelerates your growth because that’s where your thought energy is going

Have you ever really embrace this idea? What about stepping into that for one, entire week?

I’d love to hear about the insights or wisdom that start to show up for you as you adopt this idea for seven days. Comment below and help inspire others!