I hear from so many people that they still are OR are working past the Prison of Perfectionism.

I am, too.

It does not get created in one day AND breaking down those walls takes some time.

Here are some quick tips that help remind me how to adjust my lens of how I view ‘failure’ to keep ne focused on progress:

  • Learning & growing involves failed attempts and steps
  • Progress towards a goal rarely is perfect or without mis-steps
  • A failed attempt is an event, not a personal Life Sentence
  • Very young children learn & grow so rapidly AND you rarely see them get stopped by a one-time failure or mis-step
  • The most successful people end up failing way more overall  than an ‘average’ person

If you’re being honest with yourself, how are you looking at things these days through YOUR lens of what ‘failure’ means?

Could your definition use some updating?

Are there some next steps or actions you keep putting off because you’re afraid of failure? How is that helping you grow or progress by staying ‘safe’?

Just like the title of a great book, it’s time to Fail Fast, Fail Often … And CREATE the success in your life that you’ll deserve!