handsome young man standing and juggling with red balls

Juggling Too Much?

I sure have been guilty of this in the past.

And sometimes it’s easier to justify it to ourselves by saying we’re JUST juggling things that are noble, important and a priority.

If EVERYTHING is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority. Tough Love.

It’s true that we have so many things demanding and asking for our attention these days. I’m the same.

But if you truly want to reclaim your life, create more success & significance in your life, you’ll need to start juggling fewer things at a time.

When I talk about juggling things, I’m not talking about multi-tasking, which is rarely productive overall. I’m talking about juggling within the overall scope of your day, week & month: the items or goals you’re working on regularly.

PROGRESS over perfection.

I do understand – you cannot instantly stop juggling some of the things you’ve already committed to … But you can start to focus more, say “No” to more going forward and start the habits to regularly juggle LESS so you can accomplish MORE of what’s truly important.

That’s how you start to take control again for creating success.

Are you in?

Leave a comment below if you’re committed to juggling less so you can do more!