Today starts the 1st week for new ways to share with and help people. If you missed my 1st post talking about this, you can find that here.

If you’re ready to Reclaim Your Life, the things I talk about in this post and share on my Facebook Page this week can be some 1st steps you take to get there. Again.

Do you consider yourself a control freak? Or possibly someone that likes to have a LOT of control over various parts of your life?

There are a few of us out there like that who enjoy that sense of control, sometimes to a fault. It’s true that trying to have or create too much control can create a life that is extremely rigid, predictable and does not leave much space for growth or new.

This week, I’m personally going to be focusing on specific & positive ways to use control for parts of my life that help me grow & develop, not create a rigid Perfectionist Prison. Join us this week to see how you can employ Control in a positive way to Reclaim Your Life!

And remember – this blog post is just a quick and general way to set the tone for the week. Make sure to check-in to my Facebook Page each day this week to see specifics tips to try yourself and interact with others.