Wake Up Early

  If you're working towards creating your own High Performance Life, there are a couple general things you'll do over item: Do MORE of what serves your longer-term goals Do LESS of the things that don't Regular and quality sleep is very important for one's health no matter what age you are now. So, I'm

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Mute It

  We love our technology gadgets and infotainment sources. I will not lie and said I don't myself! But one of the things I've continued to hear from some of my mentors and other valued resources is ... find ways to mute it if success & productivity are truly your priorities. It's not that bad for

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Mean What You Say

It's a phrase I say to myself  a lot! I say it as a reminder for what I value from others AND what I intend to do consistently in my life. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say Some of us struggle with this more than others as adults. I know when I was

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Walking Through Grief

Many families gathered last Sunday to celebrate Easter. Ours did not by conscious, compassionate choice after we talked with one another. It's the 1st Easter since mom passed away on Christmas morning, 2013, and we each felt we needed solo time on Sunday as we each walk through our own grief journey. The only authentic way

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Improve Productivity

I'm very motivated to make 2014 my Best Year Ever ... so far. It comes from years of built-up frustrations, realization that I've not truly been stepping up and the passing of my mother due to cancer. All of it. I feel even more awake now than I ever have in my life. It's Go

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Steps For Success Are Not Convenient

Success Is Not Always Convenient We humans don't always make a lot of sense - we admire those that work hard to achieve something AND often hope for super-easy solutions for ourselves. Whether it's success with your business, your fitness program or in your relationships, the steps to create success over time for them are

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Run Your Business – Don’t Let It Run You

  I've mentioned it before and it's true - I still struggle with perfectionism AND having workaholic tendencies. These are entrenched habits. That means when I'm feeling stressed, tired or a bit out of sorts I'll still fall back to them because they're the most familiar. Not because they're necessarily the most helpful at the

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Where Are My Results?!

  Have you asked that before? Perhaps even this week? As a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I certainly get this question from clients as they progress into their journey. No one asks this the first day or usually the first week. But if someone is consistently working out, following the nutrition guide, etc. and not

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2014 Commitments – Reclaim My Life

reclaim my life For 2014, I'm describing the things I'm putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments - not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It's about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan. Reclaim My Life Even More -

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