Raw Kale Salad

Vegan Athlete Diet I actually don't remember where I found the original starting recipe for this but I've changed it a bit since then anyway. And now I'm sharing my version - enjoy! Ingredients (makes 1 large or a 2-3 smaller servings) 1 - 2 bunches raw kale 1 tsp brown miso paste 1 tsp

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Vegan Protein Balls

Vegan Athlete Diet I'm sharing another vegan-ized recipe from one of my workout programs, Body Beast. It's easy to make a batch of these and have some snacks ready for your Vegan BEAST needs! Ingredients: 1 cup natural smooth peanut or almond butter 1 scoop pea protein powder 1 medium ripe banana, mashed 3/4 cup

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Basic BBQ Tempeh

BBQ Tempeh Vegan Athlete Diet I've been making this recipe for quite a while but had not shared a picture of it until recently. I was shocked at how many people responded, so I promised to write up the recipe. Here it goes! Ingredients: 1 TB oil OR use cooking spray (your choice)

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Vegan Beast Chili

One of the challenges I give to myself is to take a basic recipe and make a few tweaks so it can be part of my vegan athlete diet. I have done that with a few of the recipes from the Nutrition Guide that comes with Body Beast - including this one for Beast Chili:

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Plant-Powered P90X2

As 2012 began, I started P90X2. I had done P90X a couple of times, Insanity by itself and a hybrid of P90X/Insanity just prior, so I felt fairly well prepared to do battle with P90X2 as my next chapter with a Vegan Athlete Diet. Since I'd heard that the P90X2 nutrition guide was going to

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7 Tips to Help You Help Someone Eat Less Meat

I really enjoy interactions with my Twitter followers as I not only learn things myself constantly but also get great questions that help me educate and help others along the way, too, about a Vegan Athlete Diet. Bonus! This post is based on a question from someone recently. It fits right into my efforts to

7 Tips to Help You Help Someone Eat Less Meat2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

Baked Garbanzo Beans – Vegan Athlete Diet

Baked Garbanzos - Vegan Athlete Diet One advantage of a Vegan Athlete Diet is that lots of whole, minimally processed foods are staples that can add flavor & nutrients. But not necessarily a lot of calories. I saw a snack idea in a Food Network Magazine and decided to adapt it slightly to

Baked Garbanzo Beans – Vegan Athlete Diet2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

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