Email Tips – Sub-Folders

Reclaim Your Life Most of us have multiple email accounts already. Some common ways people divide up their email accounts is by: Work Personal/social Grab bag (ie, used for subscriptions, online shopping) And most of us still have a lot of incoming email that often makes us feel overwhelmed, out-of-control, behind and/or missing out. I'm

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Reclaim Your Life I've been a fan of this habit off & on for quite a while in my own life. It's also true that I was a bit of a snot about the idea initially. However, once I dove into it a few times fully, the benefits were very clear. I'm now a Decluttering


Starting YOUR Day Priorities

Reclaim Your Life Admit it - you've dealt with a bit of that electronic A.D.D. that hits everyone, right? You get ready to start your day knowing you've got a LOT to tackle. But then either a txt message or email alert comes in not at all related to the priorities you know you need

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