Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog! No, this is not a "click-bait" animal rights promotion. Or an "odd" National Holiday that somehow made into our culture. Some of you have heard this about the High Performance Topic of Productivity. But not everyone has. So here's a short post to introduce you to it.

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Integrity As An Influence Muscle

Have you ever met someone that did this? That said one thing, did another? You probably curled up your nose at them. Or, at least, totally disregarded what they'd said to you They probably weren't using this influence muscle  ... The truth is, we don't believe the message if we don't believe the

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Just Say “No”

"No" is not always a negative response. I've had to REALLY work on myself to "get" this. Maybe you've already mastered this tip. Or, maybe you're (still) a recovering People Pleaser? This productivity tip has really helped me ... Before I call out the productivity tip again, here are some reminders

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The Juggling Act

Juggling Too Much? I sure have been guilty of this in the past. And sometimes it's easier to justify it to ourselves by saying we're JUST juggling things that are noble, important and a priority. If EVERYTHING is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority. Tough Love. It's true that we have so many things

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Prison Of Perfectionism

Once you starting chipping away at something, you start to notice how long or how thick the wall from it is. That's certainly been true as I started a couple years back to break through my Prison of Perfectionism. Many of us have built our own Prison Of Perfectionism over time. The good news is

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The Sleep Factor

Information Overload! A ToDo List that doesn't quit! A family that's constantly needing your attention! A job that honors workaholics who seemingly never sleep or stop! Any of these sound familiar? You're not alone. Sleep deprivation has some staggering statistics within the US alone which basically says that most of us are chronically sleep-deprived. It

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Choose To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit, no doubt. And if those habits are healthy yet consistently challenging ones, this is a good thing! If' they're either unhealthy or get routine after a while, that's not as helpful A key component to a High Performance Life is being able to Dance The Dance between (helpful) routine and

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Planning For Your Habits

Planning For Your Habits ... Schedule It! A great way to regularly create your High Performance Life is to constantly be giving priority to the healthy habits that move your forward. If you're not putting it into your calendar ahead of time, you're more than likely going to make it negotiable, optional or not at

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Clarity For What Counts

  If you keep yourself insanely busy, it does not necessarily mean you're being productive. Or effective. It can feel like an uphill battle to stick to priorities, bring clarity to your activities and create mini moats around things of value in our high-paced world. But it is possible if you consistently and persistently put

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Step Away from the …

Reality check time ... Do you keep your smartphone on your nightstand? Do you check it as one of the first things you do as you start your day each morning? You're not alone.  But I'm no longer with you. Let me explain more. I'll be honest and say I'm as geeky as they come.

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