Worried About Overtraining?

You've attacked your fitness and nutrition plan with consistent action. You've lost a large amount of weight already. You've created amazing results so far. Now, you're worried both about overtraining and having the weight come back. And you're worried constantly that you're not doing enough. Now, what do you do?!?! First, you need to reflect

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Planning For Your Habits

Planning For Your Habits ... Schedule It! A great way to regularly create your High Performance Life is to constantly be giving priority to the healthy habits that move your forward. If you're not putting it into your calendar ahead of time, you're more than likely going to make it negotiable, optional or not at

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Step Away from the …

Reality check time ... Do you keep your smartphone on your nightstand? Do you check it as one of the first things you do as you start your day each morning? You're not alone.  But I'm no longer with you. Let me explain more. I'll be honest and say I'm as geeky as they come.

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Email Tips – Sub-Folders

Reclaim Your Life Most of us have multiple email accounts already. Some common ways people divide up their email accounts is by: Work Personal/social Grab bag (ie, used for subscriptions, online shopping) And most of us still have a lot of incoming email that often makes us feel overwhelmed, out-of-control, behind and/or missing out. I'm

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Reclaim Your Life I've been a fan of this habit off & on for quite a while in my own life. It's also true that I was a bit of a snot about the idea initially. However, once I dove into it a few times fully, the benefits were very clear. I'm now a Decluttering


Om … What?!

Reclaim Your Life Are you one of those people that scoffed at the idea of mediation in the past? Or maybe you still do? Or on certain days? You sit down or lay down to start some meditation. "Omm ..." Then, you hear a txt message arrive on your cell phone, which is right next

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Starting YOUR Day Priorities

Reclaim Your Life Admit it - you've dealt with a bit of that electronic A.D.D. that hits everyone, right? You get ready to start your day knowing you've got a LOT to tackle. But then either a txt message or email alert comes in not at all related to the priorities you know you need

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Same Problems?

Reclaim Your Life As part of my personal development, I usually have a stack of books, magazines and web site articles that I'm either reading or re-reading. I know that my personal growth is like my fitness & nutrition: if I'm not feeding my 'brain' positive food regularly, then it likely means it's getting filled

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