Fitness Myths

You already know there's a lot of mis-information out there. Some if it is even WORSE because it has a hint of truth but is told in such a way to really distort the facts. I've fallen into that trap, too. Here are some of the biggest fitness myths I still see thrown around: MUST

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Reclaim Your Life I've been a fan of this habit off & on for quite a while in my own life. It's also true that I was a bit of a snot about the idea initially. However, once I dove into it a few times fully, the benefits were very clear. I'm now a Decluttering


Start Towards Fitness Goals

#mondaymotivation - Schedule YOUR priorities 1st! Reclaim Your Life Most people have multiple ToDo apps, multiple online calendars and other scheduling-related tools. Are you letting them run you OR are you running them? Especially when it comes to your workouts and fitness goals? It may not sound like a big deal but here's

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Healthy Families

Words Of Encouragement This is an inspirational story that any parent should read... One of the best benefits of learning how to eat to fuel my body, as a mom, was learning what a healthy plate looks like. At Tony Horton Fitness Camps in the days of old, Tony used to talk about the important

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Definition of Success

The word success can mean different things to different people. And even for one person, the meaning of success can change dramatically as you grow as a person, experience life and refine your priorities. That has certainly been true for me. I'm one of many people reading through Chalene Johnson's new book, "PUSH". One of

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Bitter or Better? It’s always a choice …

Bitter or better? It's a choice you likely face multiple times per day. If you're on a journey to reclaim your life, changing things up will likely bring more of this up as people & life try and adjust around you. I've certainly seen this myself and it can be a bit frustrating and sad.

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INSANITY – Round 1 Results

I'm very pleased to have completed the INSANITY program recently! It was certainly intense in a different kind of way than P90X but still a great challenge. I definitely felt a difference in my overall cardiovascular capacity, agility, etc. I've luckily never had major knee issues but I can easily say all the various exercises

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Preach or Not?

I always enjoy when conversations via social media give me the chance to answer more fully in a blog post. Sometimes the 140 character limit of Twitter are just too restrictive for a proper answer ... The topic also fits in well with my overall philosophy of why I share the way I do about

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