Reclaim Your Life Commitment does mean different things to do different people. For some, writing or saying "I'm committed" is commitment. For others, publicly saying or writing "I'm committed" is the slight difference in their definition. When I was younger, those definitions above were how I usually defined commitment. Now, it MUST include action steps



Reclaim Your Life One of my favorite parts about my new chapter is that I'm encouraged to regularly (and daily) work on personal development: read books, listen to audio programs, attend conferences & webinars, etc. I've always enjoyed lifelong learning but it was really difficult to find the energy (physical or emotional) to actually do


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Reclaim Your Life As part of my personal development, I usually have a stack of books, magazines and web site articles that I'm either reading or re-reading. I know that my personal growth is like my fitness & nutrition: if I'm not feeding my 'brain' positive food regularly, then it likely means it's getting filled

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