VERSUS   I get this question quite a bit, so I thought I'd write up an actual post on my thoughts to help answer it. Some people ask which one is harder or which one is better. It's tough to answer questions like that which can be a bit general since 'harder' and 'better'

INSANITY vs P90X2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

7 Tips to Help You Help Someone Eat Less Meat

I really enjoy interactions with my Twitter followers as I not only learn things myself constantly but also get great questions that help me educate and help others along the way, too, about a Vegan Athlete Diet. Bonus! This post is based on a question from someone recently. It fits right into my efforts to

7 Tips to Help You Help Someone Eat Less Meat2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

INSANITY – Round 1 Results

I'm very pleased to have completed the INSANITY program recently! It was certainly intense in a different kind of way than P90X but still a great challenge. I definitely felt a difference in my overall cardiovascular capacity, agility, etc. I've luckily never had major knee issues but I can easily say all the various exercises

INSANITY – Round 1 Results2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

P90X/Insanity Hybrid Results

I officially finished my Fall P90X/Insanity Hybrid Round last week (Dec 2011)! It was the first time I'd done a hybrid round but I really enjoyed it. I think P90X is a great framework and had done two rounds already before starting Insanity. Insanity was a new set of challenges but a fantastic cardio-cranking program!

P90X/Insanity Hybrid Results2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

P90X Graduate!

P90X - Round 1 My P90X transformation story is different from most in the physical sense. I was already in pretty good shape, exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc. No major complaints but had plateaued in terms of my gym workouts. However, the other areas of my life were extremely challenging and weighing me down heavily.

P90X Graduate!2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

Body Beast Round 2 – Week 2 Recap

Body Beast - Round 2 (still vegan) I'm now into Week 3 of my 2nd Vegan Round of Body Beast! It's going even better this time around. It always feels great to have "lessons learned" that I can apply to make things better, to make myself better. I've been able to slowly increase weights for

Body Beast Round 2 – Week 2 Recap2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

Body Beast – Round 2, Week 1

Body Beast - Round 2 (still vegan) Yesterday marked the start of Week 2 for me! And, yes, I'm planning to share a bit more during this round for my own accountability and to help others. My 1st round in 2012 went reasonably well but I always learn more about nutrition and the exercises as

Body Beast – Round 2, Week 12017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

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