Speed Limit Message Reminder On Asphalt Road

Success “Speed” Limits

You know what’s really annoying?!

Having someone put limits and barriers in your way as you’re making progress.

You know what’s even MORE annoying?!

When that someone is YOU.

There are enough distractions, barriers and challenges coming at us from other people. We really don’t need to add more of our own. But we all do.

It’s a lot easier to point your finger at all the people & things that are blocking you. It’s tougher to slow down, be honest and look inside to examine how YOU might be the biggest barrier to your success right now.

It’s also a habit you’ll want to cultivate as you build your own High Performance Life! Here are some questions I ask myself to expose those inner limits when I’m feeling frustrated:

  • What do I feel the MOST frustrated with right now?
  • What limit or barrier do I see in the frustration?
  • Is it really true?
  • Is there another way around or through it?
  • What victim story or past hurt is kept alive by KEEPING that self-imposed limit?
  • What next bit of growth scares me a little if the barrier were REMOVED completely?

If I spend just a few minutes with those questions, I quickly discover the answers that help me reclaim my life again as well as my priorities and action. It also clearly identifies some of the more subtle fears or other bits that were lurking underneath the label “feeling frustrated.”

And with that awareness, I can then CHOOSE to act and think differently to better support my success & goals.

You can, too. Are you willing to stop and ask these for yourself?