Success Is Not Always Convenient

We humans don’t always make a lot of sense – we admire those that work hard to achieve something AND often hope for super-easy solutions for ourselves.

Whether it’s success with your business, your fitness program or in your relationships, the steps to create success over time for them are not always convenient.

That does not make them any less important, but it’s an important reminder in the moment – the moment we know something will help us but it feels like a small deal to skip and mostly inconvenient for now.

  • Setting early alarm to ensure YOUR priority for workouts gets done first in the day
  • Setting aside a couple times per week for meal & snack planning before you go to the grocery store or start your busy week
  • Turning off the television a bit earlier so your eyes & mind can unwind for better quality sleep
  • Making time in your already crazy schedule to just work on you – your skills, your learning and your strengths

I’ve joked with a few friends that I really love & enjoy my life now even though many of the activities are not always “convenient.”  I’d much rather be inconvenienced (short-term) with the activities I know are building my High Performance, Charged Life than stay stuck or wake up later with even more regrets.

I find that idea a lot more inconvenient …

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara