Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit, no doubt.

And if those habits are healthy yet consistently challenging ones, this is a good thing! If’ they’re either unhealthy or get routine after a while, that’s not as helpful

A key component to a High Performance Life is being able to Dance The Dance between (helpful) routine and (stagnate) rut.

How do you think you’ve been doing with that dance lately?

There are lots of ways to get out of your comfort zone and once you start the practice, you’ll probably come up with even more on your own.

It’s always exciting working with clients to watch them flourish more and get access to lots more creativity and joy.

But this blog post is not meant to be an intense group or 1-on-1 program, so here are just a few ideas you can grab & go with for now:

  1. Create a No-Tech Sunday. (Gasp!) Yes – choose to turn off your phone, your laptop, your notebook – all of it. Truly disconnect from all the electronic notifications, alerts & distractions even if just for one day. Prove to yourself that it’s possible AND see what starts to show up and how you better connect with people with this idea.
  2. Read a new book each month. Go to the library to find something that calls to you. Check out for a recommendation you might not have considered but seems intriguing. Brain-stimulating activities, like reading, help overall health, so you can consider this brain “circuit” training
  3. Change your driving route. Take a different route to work, the grocery store, the gym or somewhere else that you usually arrive at using “auto-pilot.” You’ll be forced to be more present & aware while driving since it’s less of a routine.

Which one are you going to start for yourself this week? Comment below to inspire and share with others!

by Sean O’Meara