Reality check time …

Do you keep your smartphone on your nightstand?

Do you check it as one of the first things you do as you start your day each morning?

You’re not alone.  But I’m no longer with you. Let me explain more.

I’ll be honest and say I’m as geeky as they come. I’ve always enjoyed electronic gadgets, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Computer Science) and worked in the tech world for many years. But as much as I love my smartphone, my iPad, electronic connectivity & notifications, etc. I’ve really shifted my habits with them as I focus on my own personal growth & productivity.

As you know, checking electronic notifications constantly (Did I get a txt message? How many people have liked my latest Facebook post? Do I have a new friend that joined Instagram?) is a feel-good type of addiction that can also be very distracting throughout your day.

Here are some tips I’ve used myself that have helped:

  • My smartphone at night goes into vibrate mode and onto a cabinet top way across the room from my bed. (Research shows at least some negative effects by having certain electronic devices, like smartphones, within close proximity to us while sleeping.)
  • My first real morning activity is not with my smartphone – it’s with two leashes, my two dogs and a walk outside
  • I don’t check email on my smartphone OR fire up computer until I’ve AT LEAST thought about & written down my day priorities on paper first
  • When working on a focused project or task, my personal & work smartphones are getting a “break” in another room altogether
  • To not tempt myself, I also have smartphone in another room if I’m listening to or attending a webinar
  • When I get up from computer for a stretch break, THEN I’ll grab my smartphone to also check if there are any urgent voice mails or txt messages that should get some attention soon

You own electronic devices. But are you letting your electronic devices own you instead?

How will you choose to take back control  of your electronic devices this week?

Comment below for both support & accountability!