Red Starting Line Loop With Arrow

Today, I’m starting another chapter in my own fitness journey with PiYo. Believe it or not, I still get a bit nervous when about to start a new program or round. Maybe you can relate to some of these thoughts that I have as I get ready to start:

  • What if I don’t have amazing results like the ones I’ve already seen posted from others?
  • What if I don’t do that well with the nutrition guide and feel like I’ve wasted my efforts?
  • What if some of the exercises or moves are tough or really awkward for me?

If you still have some perfectionist tendencies (like me! Still banishing that …), then you probably can relate to some of those listed above.

But it’s no excuse not to Start, to challenge yourself and see what you can begin to create with some action & baby steps.

Here are some tips I use myself & share with clients when starting a new fitness chapter:

  • Progress not perfection – But always aim for personal excellence
  • If it’s not challenging you, it cannot change you
  • Find a trusted person or small group for accountability, support & cheering on for mini-successes
  • Applaud yourself for even starting – the start stops many
  • Remind yourself of your personal Why for wanting to improve your overall health & vitality

I will continue to share a couple check-in posts as I progress through my first journey with PiYo both for accountability and to help inform & inspire others!