Reclaim Your Life

Admit it – you’ve dealt with a bit of that electronic A.D.D. that hits everyone, right?

You get ready to start your day knowing you’ve got a LOT to tackle. But then either a txt message or email alert comes in not at all related to the priorities you know you need to focus on for today.

Two hours later or more, you find yourself still chugging through new things that are coming in at a steady rate now. And yet you have done ZERO against what you knew were important and priorities when you day started.


The good news is that you’re not alone and there are some important yet small steps you can start to take daily to shift that tide and develop the mental muscles that create more focus & productivity over time.

As much of a technology guy as I am, I now daily & regularly use paper solutions to help me be more productive. One of the more important things I now do (on paper) before I start checking my phone for msgs or log onto my computer for email, etc. is … put my day priorities onto a piece of paper 1st.

Too simple for you? I dare you to try it daily for at least weeks and see if this simple thing is as half as powerful for you as it has been for me.

Take the time (on paper!!) to actually stop for a few minutes, think and figure out what are the most important handful of things YOU want to tackle today against your various goals. Do it before all the other incoming requests, drama and distractions come in via all the electronic forms most folks are tethered to these days.

Does that mean you’ll be able to just work on your priorities that day without distraction? Nope. But as you start to create the habit of staring with your priorities before you look at what’s waiting for you, you’re also creating a gesture. You’re sending out that energy that you & your priorities matter, too.

As you continue to reclaim your life, you want to make sure that your dreams & goals are getting proper attention while you also juggle the demands of lie. Make your priorities important enough to WRITE DOWN on paper each day before you “log in” to let life take over.

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara