Staircase in the interior

You already know this to be true … when working on your goals, you tend to be your own worst enemy.

No need to beat yourself up but keep the reminders around that you know will help you get back on track once you trip yourself up.

This is reminder for me – the Recovering Perfectionist, the highly analytical, detail-oriented guy that I am.

When climbing a steep mountain, focus on the steps & not how steep it is

Or, if I need more humor that day I tell myself:

Just focus on the next step right in front of you – you’ll trip, fall on your a#$ and go viral on YouTube for the embarrassing moment caught on someone’s smartphone

I know you’ve seen others do this in real life when simply walking up stairs or ascending on an escalator:

  • Their eyes are looking way far ahead & up, not where their feet are as they take a step
  • They trip from the loss of focus, they try their best to recover gracefully
  • They go into a quasi-jog to get away as if THAT’S what they meant to do the whole time. (Right)

Don’t do that with your goals.

Here are some quick tips that help me as I’m working on goals and achievement:

  • Check if the overall goal is aligned with my priorities and values as a person
  • Take time to at least consider the major milestones along the way to help chart my course for my overall goal
  • Chunk it down into smaller, bite-sized action steps that build up to the major milestones
  • ACTION TIME: pick the NEXT step to work on and just focus on that. Let go of the rest for now
  • Check that item off, do a quick reality check to see if on course or if I have new information from step to add to plan
  • Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

As you look at and consider all the potential things you want to create in your high performance life, you’ll have LOTS of staircases you’ll want to  ascend as you achieve your goals.

Don’t let the trip up trip YOU up