Reclaim Your Life

I know I’m not the only current or Recovering Perfectionist, right? At least a few of you have admitted either publicly or privately to me that you used to OR are still struggling with that Perfectionism Prison.

You’re definitely not alone.

I’m not going to use this blog post to outline how I got there myself. Or list how you may have arrived there yourself.

Instead, I’m going to offer some hints, tips & reminders that have helped me kick the habit to the curb in case it helps you with your journey.

  • Failure (of a project or event or job or life situation) is just a data point. Or a starting point for a wiser you in the future. (It is not a label that completely describes you EVER as a person.)
  • Perfection is a prison that shuts out light, bright & creativity
  • If you wait for EVERYTHING to be perfectly aligned, you’ll stay right there: waiting for everything to be perfectly aligned
  • To think too much about “the thing” simple makes “the thing” LARGER  in your mind
  • Taking specific action shrinks fears and puts things into perspective
  • Know you cannot get it all done at once. But you can start today with SOMETHING if you really choose

So, what will you choose to start to start this week, today as you continue to reclaim your life? To talk about the thing is not the same as doing the thing. Start to start!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara