Vegan Athlete Diet

I’ve not publicly shared my initial thoughts and reactions to Shakeology when it was first introduced to me.

It’s time.

My rough path to Shakeology goes like this:

  • EXTREMELY challenging sequence of tough life stuff for me compelled me to choose something I could actually control: I decided to purchase P90X for myself and tackle it
  • (From P90X literature in box) I created my own Team Beachbody account so I could check out message boards for nutrition tips from other vegetarians like myself (at the time)
  • Read about the opportunity to help coach others with their fitness journeys & decided to step in, kick the tires and learn more
  • My Coach Sponsor (who I had never meet) suggested I try Shakeology since it was such great stuff

(In my head) “Whatever.”

I was a clean-eating vegetarian at the time. I did not have weight to lose. And I’d tried many whole-food based powders already. (Most were pretty good but not very different necessarily from one another.)

Shakeology? Whatever.

At the time, I was really working on getting better (not bitter), so I finally talked myself into at least giving it a shot for one month to see if I felt or noticed anything at all from it. But because I still was being a bit of a snotty skeptic, I decided I would really test Shakeology by starting it while ALSO stopping coffee cold turkey.


The taste was surprisingly good, which was the 1st surprise.

The 2nd surprise came by around Day 2 and I could clearly feel a lot more energy overall despite making no other changes to my already healthy nutrition. Huh? (Skeptic was getting annoyed)

The 3rd surprise for that 1st week was by Day 4/Friday. Wait – I gave up coffee cold turkey this week? But have had the most even & stable energy I’ve felt in forever? And no withdrawal headaches or crankiness? What?! (Skeptic was REALLY annoyed by then.)

I went from snotty skeptic to a rather surprised believer in less than a week. I really wanted to prove it was either yucky or no different from anything else. But I’m SO grateful I kept enough of an open mind to at least “try it on” for myself 1st.

Hope you enjoyed this vegan athlete diet post! And, yes, Shakeology comes in at least two vegan formulas now which means vegans are definitely included.

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by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara