Influence isn’t JUST about how you do or don’t affect others.

The biggest influence we truly control each day is with ourselves.

And, many of us are SILENTLY killing our own efforts each day.

Are you one of them?

Keep reading to find out …

The truth is … the words we habitually choose influence our direction and emotions.

It’s an inconvenient truth, especially since many of us struggle with a more impoverished, scarcity-minded vocabulary.

At least, when we’re thinking or talking about our own goals or next steps.

Can you relate?!

The words we attach to an experience BECOME the experience.

What can you do?

Start this week to consciously see and then SHIFT the words you’re using when thinking about your goals or current experiences:

  • INSTEAD OF “This is completely AWFUL!!” (for something truly not a big deal)
  • SAY “This is really frustrating.”
  • INSTEAD OF “I don’t understand why this isn’t working. I feel hopeless.”
  • SAY “I’m not sure what’s not working yet but some things are. I’m feeling a bit lost but I know more about some pieces now.”

If you’re willing to START shifting some of the words you use as talk or think to yourself, share your comments below!