Reclaim Your Life

As part of my personal development, I usually have a stack of books, magazines and web site articles that I’m either reading or re-reading. I know that my personal growth is like my fitness & nutrition: if I’m not feeding my ‘brain’ positive food regularly, then it likely means it’s getting filled with junk or not at all.

I was reading about problems the other day. We all have problems or challenges – it’s part of being alive and human.

But there are some tools & tips that help you grow more quickly from them rather than be defined by them. Here are some questions I ask myself periodically OR when I find myself feeling very overwhelmed & frustrated with the same problems showing up:

  • Am I still dealing with the same tough problem(s) as I was last year?
  • Do I try to at least anticipate (but not focus on) problems for my current path?
  • Am I able to let go enough to accept realities of a current situation so I have more energy to actually find & create some solutions?
  • Am I keeping sight of the bigger picture?
  • Am I trying to do too many things at once & creating even more scattered energy?

If you are embarking on changes in your life, you will also run into a new set of challenges and problems. This does not mean that you’re completely failing somehow, it just means the terrain of your journey has changed to match the new path.

As you takes steps to reclaim your life, don’t let problems or obstacles from others derail your overall progress for your dreams! Yes, you might get derailed from time to time & thrown off course. And when that happens or your problem frustration level gets high, take the time to ask the questions above and re-adjust your next steps.


by Sean O'Meara