Run Your Business

I’ve mentioned it before and it’s true – I still struggle with perfectionism AND having workaholic tendencies.

These are entrenched habits. That means when I’m feeling stressed, tired or a bit out of sorts I’ll still fall back to them because they’re the most familiar. Not because they’re necessarily the most helpful at the time.

Some of you can probably relate.

When I was working for others, those traits  were usually welcomed and encouraged especially the workaholic tendency. Once I started working for myself, I was still falling to those, getting more frustration than results and feeling really stuck.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really been studying other successful people to identify what I needed to learn & implement next. I kept seeing the topics of creating boundaries, gaps and controlling what I could come up repeatedly . And I knew it was clearly missing in my life, so I put the effort in to fix and address that.

Here are some of the main tips I’ve put in place for myself already that make a huge, positive difference.

  • Be clear with boundaries, hours and access. If you don’t set your boundaries, others will assume or try to set them for you
  • Create intentional gaps – each day, each week, each month, etc. Creativity cannot flow in a completely rigid & restricted environment
  • Wrangle the mental monkeys – have a system or way to reliably record thoughts, possible ideas, etc. that come to you during your day so you have for review or action later. Otherwise, it’s all fighting for space & attention in your brain while you’re trying to do the task at hand
  • Eat That Frog – grab the most important yet most difficult (to you) task for the day and tackle it FIRST. Otherwise, you’ll be leaking mental energy to it throughout your day while you avoid it. And having less for the things you are trying to do in the moment
  • Urgent is not always urgent – take the time to slow down enough to really consider if something REALLY needs to be done right now or if it merely “feels” needy or urgent
  • I will NEVER be able to do it all – but I can strategically choose to give something my all

I still have progress to make but I run my business now. It does not run me.

Even if you don’t currently own your own business, most of these tips will work just as well if you have a corporate job. Which ones will you start to put in place for yourself? How might they help you? Comment below!