Happy Holidays!

The end of the year is a GREAT time and season to reflect, review, and reconnect.

We can reconnect not only with the people that matter but …

Also, the best of who we are that we’ve let get covered up with the daily drudge.

Can you relate?

We grow best with seasons in our life & calendar.


The truth is, I”m still not very good about giving myself a break or letting go of the busy-ness of life to simply be.

So, I’m following my own advice AFTER I post this blog. Really. (Grin)

For our family, this Christmas marks 2-years from mom’s death to cancer.

Yep, she passed away on Christmas morning coming up on two years.

It’s a reminder that none of us is guaranteed a PERFECT plan or a certain number of tomorrows.

Instead, we need to do our best to show up each day, remind people that they matter and live like we matter as well.

That’s it, simply put.

My hope for you and each of your families this holiday season is that:

  • the laughter is too high to count
  • the smiles make your face ache and
  • you forget AT LEAST for a short bit all the trivial, not-so-important things that were on your mind prior to the holidays

I think that’s a list you can easily achieve with some effort for the holidays. (Grin)


SO … if the idea of really not doing much freaks you out, here’s a list of reflective, re-calibrating questions you can use to guide your time.

You know, so you’re both unplugging for the year AND also getting prepared.

This is how I’ll handle thing to truly make the BEST of the “letting go” time.

Letting go time and relaxation are relative terms. For some of us.


Here are some ones to use for yourself as you say good-bye to and accept all that did or didn’t happen in 2015.

And to get ready for an even better 2016 with lessons learned.

  • Where are my stepping down in my life out of fear?
  • Where am I spending time now that I know doesn’t truly serve me?
  • Am I regularly telling the people that matter that they do? And specifically how?
  • If I were to live my life less apologetically, what would I START doing? And what would I STOP doing?