One of the biggest challenges most of us face right now is an overwhelming amount of choices. It can be either mildly distracting or completely paralyzing.

And once you’re starting to look at making changes in your life & doing something new, the number of options can stop you right in your tracks. As you’ve heard before “The START stops most people.”

Here are some of the reasons we struggle with taking next steps for ourselves:

  • All-or-nothing thinking
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Analysis (of options) Paralysis
  • Comparing endlessly with others

I’ve seen this in several places in the personal development world and it has made a huge difference for me:

Ready! Fire! Aim!

In other words, step up, take some starting action, review how that did or didn’t work and then repeat.

Action builds momentum and attracts other actions.

Fear keeps you stuck and builds more inaction & fear.

If you’re working on steps to reclaim your life, that will go more quickly as you get better with the sequence of “Ready! Fire! Aim!”.  What’s an activity you can start to apply this to this week? Comment below!

by Sean O’Meara