Once you starting chipping away at something, you start to notice how long or how thick the wall from it is.

That’s certainly been true as I started a couple years back to break through my Prison of Perfectionism.

Many of us have built our own Prison Of Perfectionism over time. The good news is that we also hold the key to start to let ourselves out & break down the walls.

But since it took more than one day to build that prison, it’s going to take more than one day to break down all the walls. You’ll have to give yourself some patience & grace as you do this very important work.

Here are the tips I’ve been reminding myself as I continue to break down the walls of my own Prison of Perfectionism:

  • I built it over time, it will take time to dismantle as well (though it will be faster)
  • Aiming for excellence is NOT the same as requiring “perfect” for everything
  • Perfectionism leads more to impossible standards & inaction, not growth or action
  • Perfectionism puts the emphasis on rigid judgement, not practical standards
  • I feel a lot more creative and happy when not holding to perfectionism

As you continue to work to reclaim your life, any remaining walls of your own Prison of Perfectionism will block you from your best, next bit of growth.

How will you attack your own wall of resistance next and tear down your own Prison of Perfectionism starting this week?

Comment below so I can see & celebrate your courage!