Planning For Your Habits …

Schedule It!

A great way to regularly create your High Performance Life is to constantly be giving priority to the healthy habits that move your forward.

If you’re not putting it into your calendar ahead of time, you’re more than likely going to make it negotiable, optional or not at all.

I used to do this myself for YEARS when it came to recreation and vacations. At my last corporate job, I was almost always maxed out on vacation. What sense did that make?! I was super-stressed with work, I never took time off and I had over 440 vacation hours on the books sitting & collecting dust.

Pathetic. Self-sabotaging. Unhealthy.

But no more …

What about you?

If you don’t make your priorities a priority by putting them in the calendar, they’re only good intentions. Action is needed to create these as true habits in your life.

Here are some productive habits you might choose from to put into your calendar THIS WEEK:

  • Exercising (Before work? that’s what some need to do to make sure it happens)
  • Eating lunch away from your desk at work to get a true break
  • A date night with your partner or spouse after work (ie, set a committed work boundary to ensure you’re focused)
  • Waking up early to do a bit of meditation BEFORE your day & electronic devices attempt to steal your focus

What one or two productive habits are you committed to putting into your calendar this week? Don’t make it too difficult for yourself by attempting to change too many things at once. Start with some mini-successes and build from that.

Comment below for support and accountability!! I love seeing the real stories from people as they create the changes that improve their lives.