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P90X – Round 1

My P90X transformation story is different from most in the physical sense. I was already in pretty good shape, exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc. No major complaints but had plateaued in terms of my gym workouts.

However, the other areas of my life were extremely challenging and weighing me down heavily. The stress and pressures from work had grown exponentially. I had been cheated on (I later found out multiple times) and faced a painful breakup. And then my mom was diagnosed with cancer. And then one and eventually both sisters faced very scary financial and housing challenges. And then my dad was diagnosed with cancer. These all lined up right behind one another in quick succession.  It happens in 3’s, right?  Yes, but I’m often an overachiever so I landed a multiple of three this round …

I felt so much was weighing on me from all directions and could not help make any of it better. I’m a fixer, not a complainer, so this really challenged me beyond what I could normally absorb.

I’d heard about P90X from a few people but had not looked into the details. When someone mentioned it again in December 2010, I felt like it was time for some changes and took next steps for P90X. At that point, I had Extreme Home Depression and Extreme Home Emptiness well covered so why not move up the alphabet to “F” with Extreme Home Fitness?

I ordered P90X and prepared to see what I could do with that ‘project’. I needed a win, something I felt I could affect positively and something that would help me help myself somehow. I had to keep myself going somehow so I could at least be there for everyone else in my family.

The nutrition part of P90X was pretty easy for me but mainly needed to be conscious of how much I was eating and how I was feeling with the exercises demands from P90X. (I still could have done better in some ways but that’s part of how I plan to do Round 2 differently.)

As 2011 started, I decided to give up coffee and also started with Shakeology as a combination deal. I’d done enough research about acid-forming versus alkaline-forming to know which direction needed to be my focus for change. The combination of eliminating coffee and adding Shakeology was amazingly helpful for me. My overall energy become much higher and extremely even. No jitters, no headaches and no crashing.

The fitness part of P90X was definitely a challenge in parts but felt attainable. I still find Ab Ripper X tough and portions of Kenpo X awkward.  And I’m okay with that as I know I progressed with each from Day 0 and was not daunted.

I did see and feel the changes in my body pretty quickly which was a great booster. My initial physical goals were merely to see if I could get through the program successfully, finish with no injuries and see where I landed. I dropped a couple of pounds, leaned up visibly throughout my body, gained stamina, gained strength, etc. My body fat was reduced by approximately 32% from 13.5% to about 9.2%. Not bad at all!

The most surprising part about the journey is that I finally felt “alive” again, energized, engaged with life, etc. after two really tough years. It was the emotional weight and heaviness that I most needed to “lose” when I started P90X. And that has been the biggest “gain” for me.

It helped me realize and discover that my lifelong passion for fitness and nutrition could be shared to help others even if it is not currently my full time job. It helped me remember that we all can find ways to improve ourselves, share our journey and help others along the way even with small baby steps.

I took things a step further and signed up as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach in January of 2011. I’ve already been able to help some people with their fitness and nutritional goals which has been extremely rewarding. I’ve also met and engaged with many positive, success-oriented people from near and far as a result of my coaching work already. Bonus!

None of these outcomes were in my head when I started and yet here I am. I’m so energized every day with the goals, ToDos and creative ideas for all areas of my life now that I hardly can recall being so broken and defeated mere months ago. I’m not planning to go back to that.

Round 2? Coming up next!! And I mean both for P90X and my own life with the wisdom now gained. I did not need to lose pounds with P90X to feel successful or transformed.

But that’s just my story. What will your story be?

by Sean O’Meara

by Sean O'Meara