Reclaim Your Life

Are you one of those people that scoffed at the idea of mediation in the past?

Or maybe you still do? Or on certain days?

You sit down or lay down to start some meditation.

“Omm …”

Then, you hear a txt message arrive on your cell phone, which is right next to you while you meditate “just in case”.

Or, you remember an email you wanted to respond to but forgot until JUST NOW. “Maybe I should go send that real quick! It will just take a couple of minutes …”

And so on.

I certainly did that quite a bit in the beginning of starting (and distracting myself from) a meditation practice. And I did that AFTER I scoffed at the idea of my trying meditation for a long time first.

But I’m a smart guy and I kept reading all the research and experiences from others about the various benefits of meditation. So, I told my stubborn, resistant side to shut up for a while to actually try it on myself. I still have those times where my Type-A Personality/Extremely active brain becomes that “busy monkey” in a crazy, distracting way while I meditate.

The difference now is that I know and have experienced it differently. I know sitting quietly, even if for just 15 mins a day, has not killed me yet. In fact, I’m sure it’s contributing to a lot of positive things in my life right now.

I know that taking time to pause, do less, single-task and Simply Be lets me do MORE overall, not less. It’s no longer a research article for me – it’s my experience.

Did you have a lot of resistance to meditation initially but finally got past it to start to feel & experience the benefits? Comment & share below to help show others what’s possible!

If you truly want to Reclaim Your Life and have not made some concrete efforts to try meditation on, it’s time!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara