Today is the 1st full week of 2013! The New Year, a clean slate can be a great time to Reclaim Your Life – to reset priorities, commit to new actions, set new goals and publicly announce them for accountability & support.

It’s an interesting process for most of us. The process itself reveals a bit about who you are as a person and where you are currently. Some examples:

  • A perfectionist may truly agonize over the “perfect” list of new goals to actually commit to for the New Year
  • A fear-based person might have fear keep their goals & intentions small, safe and about status quo
  • A caged life or frustration-focused person cannot even imagine giving energy to hopeful thoughts about what could be next. “Getting by” is the daily mantra. (This was absolutely me a few years back)
  • A judgement-focused person may worry about sharing even worthy ones with others for fear of getting judgment back. Or what others might think of your goals

I personally have been all of the above at some point. And, yes, a couple of them may still exist in small ways now but I have honest awareness which means any remaining obstacles will continue to shrink with my efforts. All my obstacles have been put on notice …

Remember that this is an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to challenge yourself in positive ways! So, if either the process you’ve used OR the labels used (goals vs intentions vs resolutions) have already brought you to a frustrated place within this 1st week, then change things for forward progress instead NOW.

  • Re-decide which challenges you are TRULY committed to giving yourself now for growth
  • Give yourself permission to redo some things slightly if you have more awareness now to make them both realistic & yet a stretch
  • Re-commit to a starting list that you can share or talk with others for accountability & support

You are the Architect of Your Life! You don’t need a New Year or permission or approval from others to decide and create the next changes in your life.

So, if you’re already doing really well with what you put out for yourself as the New Year started, keep your consistency going!

And if you haven’t, consider the list above to get from frustrated to forward progress instead.

Every day and every moment you get to choose your attitude for how you’ll view things. Reclaim Your Life by showing the patience, wisdom and consistency to make your goal-setting process work for you.