Beach Umbrella

People approach vacations very differently. Some MUST have the entire thing mapped out, perfectly planned & orchestrated or they don’t feel ready. Other folks are happy to have some  basics in place (flights & hotel) and then completely wing all the rest.

For those that know me well, it’s no surprise that I have tended to be much more on the very well organized side. (Grin)

I’m learning more and more to dance the dance between my very-well developed logical Left Brain and my creative, whole picture Right Brain. I came up with my list of 7 Main Intentions for my upcoming vacation and thought I’d share here, too, in case it helps others craft their own.

  1. Rest & Renew
  2. Connect simply with life and the people that show up each day – stay open, curious and embrace how things unfold when not trying to control it all
  3. Read, savor and dig into one book and reflect on how it can pertain to my current situation & goals. (I’ll be re-reading Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)
  4. Regular exercise without worrying about a program schedule or agenda – whatever my body feels like tackling that day
  5. Pick something NEW to do, see or experience each day. No plan ahead of time but will have eyes open for this chance
  6. Help at least 1 person in a situation feel like who they are & what they do matters – can simply be a kind word or caring smile to a stranger
  7. Whenever I see or think of something not yet in my life, remind myself “Why NOT me?”

What do you usually have on your list for vacations? I’d enjoy seeing other lists, so feel free to comment below to share with others.