There are almost as many types of coaches out there as there are personality types. When you’re looking for someone to start working with, it will need to be someone that pushes you yet respects you – someone you may love to hate at times but also continually helps you progress.

My Coaching Style has been getting both focus and refinement over the last couple of years and is a continual process. But there are some elements that are very solid & consistent with me. Someone asked me recently via social media to “say more” about how I do what I do, so here’s a list of my Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Elements:

  1.  I’ll listen before I offer suggestions. For YOUR plan to work, it has to be personally relevant to YOUR current goals, obstacles and demands.
  2. I’ll push you but I won’t pull or yank you. I can help you along, I can walk alongside you, etc. but I cannot take the steps for you. I also don’t waste time trying to drag people along that aren’t truly ready to make changes. That’s wasteful for everyone involved.
  3. I use technology as a tool, not a weapon, to support and help my clients. Technology means working together in small groups, etc. is no longer restricted by geography or schedules.
  4. I’ll use my engineering mindset to help adjust the moving parts of your plan for continual improvement & efficiency. Though I’ve been a lifelong student of fitness & nutrition, my college education & major part of corporate time has been engineering. We humans are not a “machine” but an engineering approach really helps with lifelong fitness & nutrition goals. Truly.
  5. I’ll offer practical, vegan or plant-based options IF you want those woven into your solution. But I won’t preach or be political about it.
  6. I’ll be working, struggling & growing right alongside you. Each of us is on a journey and I’m continually learning, struggling & growing overall just like you. This is not a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of coaching relationship. Integrity.
  7. I’ll also be weaving in the tips & wisdom from my High Performance™ Coaching (Life/Biz) as they make sense for your journey. It’s like remodeling part of your home – once you start actively working on your fitness & nutrition goals, the other parts of your life will likely start to stand out as not up to par. You’ll have my support for when that happens as that’s the other part of my overall Coaching Business

If this combination of things sounds intriguing to you, maybe it’s time to take some next steps together!

by Sean O’Meara