We love our technology gadgets and infotainment sources. I will not lie and said I don’t myself!

But one of the things I’ve continued to hear from some of my mentors and other valued resources is … find ways to mute it if success & productivity are truly your priorities.

It’s not that bad for you now, right? Or is it?

Once you start paying attention to ALL the things coming at you each day vying for your attention, you start to realize why you often feel overwhelmed, scattered and tired. Our brains do not work well with that constant bombarding most of us subject them to each day.

I won’t overwhelm you with a huge list but here’s a list of some ways you can START to mute things in your life. I’ve found that as I’ve done these myself and give myself time each day just To Be and download my thoughts of the day, it’s been HUGE help! It’s not only helped my productivity but also my creativity and lowered stress levels.

  •  IF you’re going to be watching some television, limit how much each day, use a DVR so that you can fast-forward past commercials and keep it as non-toxic as possible
  • Before bed, mute all your electronic devices and simply enjoy a (real) book or some quiet meditation prior to sleep
  • Don’t read or watch tragedies you cannot directly help at the current time
  • Take the first few minutes of driving in your car as silence – no radio, no phone calls
  • If talking with someone on the phone or in the car while driving, turn off every other noise source (radio, CD), etc.) so your listening can be focused on the conversation

Put a few of these tips into your life for a week and see how it starts to help you reclaim your life! I’d love to have you share your positive experiences with this in the comments below, so don’t be shy.

by Sean O’Meara