It’s a phrase I say to myself  a lot! I say it as a reminder for what I value from others AND what I intend to do consistently in my life.

Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

Some of us struggle with this more than others as adults.

I know when I was younger, I did not always say what I meant. Early on, when The Disease To Please 1st took hold, the words I spoke were mostly motivated by getting approval. And the need to protect or keep myself safe in some situations.

If you’re on a journey to truly reclaim your life  and live with more personal integrity, this reminder will need to be part of your tool kit. You’ll need it for checking your own behavior and for filtering which people you keep close to you versus not.

You can still choose to communicate in this direct way while still being respectful. It may take some work or practice for that part but it’s a learnable skill.

How many of us really enjoy guessing the important things on someone’s mind? What kind of “fun” is that communication game?!

It’s also hard to ask or demand that of others if we’re not already doing that in our own lives.

How can you start doing more of that this week? Is there a person or situation in your life currently that you know needs this? Get started!

It’s time to Reclaim Your Life.

by Sean O’Meara