It is an art form …

Using it (or them) as a TOOL!

Not as a weapon against yourself.

Living from them. Focused & intentionally. Are you?

There are lots of online and book versions of Strength Finders and tests.

Maybe you’ve seen, done or read one already for yourself.

Nice! That’s a start …

Are you consciously choosing to live from your strengths each day?

It really is a difference maker if you make it a conscious habit.

Sometimes, we get caught up thinking one of two things:

  1. I can ONLY do everything thing this particular way
  2. I’ve got to do that thing EXACTLY like how another person did it

If you really listen to those, you can see how that’s limiting. And yet we often go there with our default thinking and behavior.

Instead, start to ask yourself:

“How can I use my strengths here in a smart way?”

When I do that, it’s a subtle but important shift. It doesn’t keep me in “my way” or “that way” – it has me look at the situation and figure out how to use my strengths for the new situation.

It also keeps me looking for new ways to use my strengths, not just simply do what I’ve done in the past.

That’s High Performance Living in action, my friends.

If you’ve read about strength finder tests and are curious about My 5 Top Strengths  they are:  Learner, Discipline, Achiever, Intellection & Focus

Don’t compare your strengths with others OR apologize for yours.

Embrace yours, live FROM yours and start creating more of an impact in your world.

What is one of your strengths? Your Super Hero Powers to live from this week? And if you did, how might that help you create MORE of what you want to see in your life?

I’d LOVE to celebrate your Super Hero Power! Leave comment below to proudly announce what strength you’ll choose to live from this week!