You’ve got two ears and one mouth, right? Spend your energy like that to listen AT LEAST twice as much as you speak. Minimum.

Really listen to people

As both a Team Beachbody Coach & a Certified High Performance™ Coach, I really understand better about what things do and don’t work well overall with people when you’re in a coaching role. Also, most of these tips are ones you can apply to your life in general whether you’re a coach or not.

Common sense does not mean they are commonly understood & practiced. (That’s diplomatically put, right?!)

Listen to what they’re saying, how they’re saying it and possibly why they’re saying it. Don’t just be holding your tongue briefly while they speak as you wait to jump in with something you’ve been waiting to say.

If a communication you’re having with a client or team member is electronic (email, txt message, etc.), the same still applies. Most people pick up at some level if you’re not really paying attention to them or are merely trying to give them some lip service until you can get your point across somehow.

If your goal with coaching is to truly help people, to have genuine connections and to grow as well personally then listening to others must be a priority.

I’ve had to work at this, too, but I know it makes a positive impact. I’m Sicilian, a Leo and not at all shy. So, if I can learn to really listen to people and truly keep my mouth shut part of the time, there is hope for the rest of you!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara